Que Sarah, Sarah: Be my guest … cartoonist


Today’s guest cartoonist is the fabulous Sophia Gorman, my 11-year-old daughter. (The subject matter in guest cartoons may or may not be autobiographical, depending on who admits what.) Thanks, Sophia!

Que Sarah, Sarah: Spring Clean for the May Queen


Hi Comics Fans,

I’m taking a little break from publishing comics. Don’t despair. The Monday Comic that all of you (well, both of you) have come to depend on is not going away, it’s just taking a vacation. I’ll be working on a couple of new ventures while also building up a doomsday prepper-size stash of new comics that I’ll be able to throw out to you like, well, like I’ve been doing already but without the pressure of drawing a new comic every week on the day it’s due. (That’s right, I give myself deadlines. Pros: My boss is rad. Cons: My boss procrastinates everything except having a good time.)

Anyway, I hope you’ll still be here when I come back in a couple of weeks. In the mean time, you can follow me on Twitter @SarahRecor if you’re into that. Or you could do some volunteer work. Either way, you’ll be making the world a better place.




p.s. The title of this post is a stand in for my QSS character’s usual band T-shirt. Rock n roll, bitches.